Friday, May 22, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation: by General Jigger

So I got home about a week ago and I'm just now getting around to giving an update on what's been going on.  Mea Culpa, but hey, it's a busy life.  :)

So the Trophy Wife and I went to Edmonton for a few days and then followed that up with a few days in Vancouver.  It was a great trip and I was able to come away with some new hobby supplies and some toys too.

As some of you may know I live in a small city on an island in the cold North Atlantic.  This means that I really only have access to hobby materials from the interwebs or when I travel off the island, so going to a city where there are multiple hobby and game stores and in a province where there is no provincial sales tax is a bit like heaven for me.  So here's what I got:

I went to Hobby Wholesale (which, for those of you into any hobby, should visit if you get the chance) in Edmonton and picked up The Scenery Manual by Woodland Scenics, a great terrain resource.  It's targeted at the model rail community but hills are hills, water is water, and trees are trees right?

I also went to Mission Fun & Games in Edmonton (well actually St. Albert but close enough) to pick up some board games.  The Trophy Wife has been slowly dipping her toe in the geek pool by playing some hobby games like Pandemic, Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne, so I thought we might go to the store and she could pick one out and I could pick one out.  She chose Lost Cities the board game, and I chose Galaxy Trucker that I've been wanting to try ever since I heard about it on the D6 Generation podcast.  I haven't tried them yet but I'll let you know how they go.
Now I couldn't go to the big city and not tap the Warmachine vein.  I've always loved the Satyxis Raiders but they never seemed to be a practical choice in MKI of Warmachine.  In MKII however I think they are more worth looking at.  So I snapped these up at Comex Hobby.

Now here's the real winner.  I went to The Paint Spot on Whyte Ave in Edmonton and picked up a couple of Winsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes.  Painting with these things is like sex!  I swear, they are awesome!  They load a good amount of paint and they allow it to flow out nicely, and they keep a phenomenal point.  They are VERY expensive though so if you are just starting out with the painting or if you have a tendency to destroy brushes I'd give them a pass.

And finally here is an update on "Bloaty".  I haven't done much, just a bit of a wash and goring up the wounds.  I'll probably do some more with him today.


Iron Twitch said...

Galaxy Trucker is a great game if you haven't had the time to play it yet. I really enjoy it. Nice job on the bloat so far too :)

General Jigger said...

No luck playing Galaxy Trucker yet, but thanks for the complement on Bloaty.