Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Brief Respite, or don't bother to read me cause I'm just a filler post. :)

Well I'm off on a few days vacation so I doubt I'll be posting anything in the next few days. You never know though since a big part of this trip for me is to scope out the gaming stores where I'm going. The Trophy Wife needs a new wardrobe so I figure I should be able to come out of this on the plus side when it comes to hobby. :)

In the meantime I haven't forgotten my pledge of earlier this year to keep my geekly costs down. I haven't quite been averaging 25$ a month but it's been damned close. I've still got some stuff in the old 'to do' drawer but it's honestly not that much. I'm down to just the Bloat Thrall for Warmachine, and I have a starter box of Alkemey to do, 6 more cowboys for Legends of the Old West and then the big project of some High Elves for a slowly bubbling Warhammer Fantasy Battles game.

I guess that's it for the next little while, I shall post if I come across anything really worthy of note.

Yours in Service,

The General.

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