Sunday, October 05, 2008

The General Store's Big Fall Sale!!!

Here’s the deal, I have a bunch of Space Marine stuff that I’m never going to get to. So what with the new Codex out people might be looking to beef up their forces or maybe start a new one, and I can help out with that. Everything listed below is partially painted and/or partially assembled. Nothing is so over-painted that it can’t take another coat of primer to start over. There are a bunch of bitz including several special weapons close combat weapons, enough upper bodies to make a couple more squads of Tac marines.

For Sale:

40 Space Marines (4 heavy wpns, 4 special wpns)

6 Assault Marines

2 SM Commanders

1 Techmarine

1 Librarian



1 Land Raider

1 Land Speeder

1 Razorback

5 Terminators

1 Sanguinary High Priest

1 Dante

A Bunch of Bitz

I’m interested in selling this stuff as a lot, and no reasonable offer will be refused so make me an offer!

Buyer pays shipping. I have more pics if you want to see more. Just leave a comment if you are interested!

I will also take some things in trade and I will trade in your favour; here is a list of what I’m looking for:

Warmachine Books etc

Prime Remix

Gale Force Nine Warmachine Templates

Warmachine (Cryx)

Satyxis Raiders

Sea Witch


Bane Knights


Bloat Thrall



Pistol Wraith

Brute Thrall

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Keir said...

It's "Chaplain"

Eldar players...sniff!