Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Popa Wants a New Pair of Magnetic Shoes!

So I've been flitting about quite a bit lately, I've gone from painting Bloaty to building a Tudor house to putting together a High Elf infantry regiment. What can I say, I guess I'm a bit of a hobby magpie.

So I've gotten a start on painting the Tudor house. I think it'll turn out. I've taken the thatch off and spray based it with Krylon H2O, which is a water based spray paint that won't eat the styrene in the house. Then I've gone and given a starter coat of white mixed with a little raw umber and then painted the posts with raw umber. Here's a look at things so far.

Just so you don't forget this is the effect I'm going for, except it will have a thatched roof.

So, my local gaming community has been having a bit of a 'Golden Age' lately. Everybody seems to be up for something and we seem to be able to commit to and execute projects. In the last few months we've done Battlefleet Gothic, Legends of The Old West and some have even gone on and gotten into Impetus. So I figured with all the good energy going on it was time to jump into something new and get the ball rolling with Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

WHFB was the second wargame I ever played (after Space Marine, the old version of epic 40K) and the first one I ever owned. So this is a bit of a return to my tabletop gaming roots.

The High Elves in particular have always been a big favourite of mine, in fact before my 'Dark Period' (that's what I call my four years in Edmonton) I actually owned a complete High Elf army but I didn't have anyone to play with so I donated it to the lads to sell off for some gaming mats and terrain. So now that I'm back at it the High Elves are the very first thing that popped into my mind, though I did flirt with the idea of playing greenskins for a while.

I always remember from my playing before that the one thing that I hated about WHFB was the stupid minis would continuously fall off the movement trays (if you were lucky enough to have trays at all). So this time around I'm going for magnetic bases and trays.

I got some magnetic sheet at the local craft shop and put two pieces together, then I glued my elves to one side and a thick card movement tray to the other. What do ya know, it seems to have worked! View the results... as they say at Dairy Queen "Upside down, right thick!"

Of course this is a blog about success AND failure...

And again...

There ya' have it kids...

Yours in Service,

The General.

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