Monday, June 15, 2009

I Now Officially Own OUTER SPACE!!!!

so first things first, I finally finished of Bloaty. I'd say I'm about
60% pleased with the result. I wish I'd had more patience with the
blending on the skin but I'm quite happy with the slime. I also tried
to make the sludge reservoir look like it was made of glass, I'll give
the effect an "... OK for a first try..."

Here's a few pics, let me know what you think.

in other news... the Trophy Wife decided that she needed to show up all
the other geek-widows out there and made me a space mat to play
Battlefleet Gothic (BFG) on. My local group is planning a bit of a BFG
tournament on Saturday and now I'll have the best looking region of
space in which to kill my opponents.

Oh happy day!

Here's my table in all it's glory... please ignore the pink walls, I'd rather paint minis than walls.

I think it looks pretty good. :)

Yours in Service,

The General.


Keir said...

Table is awesome.

Bloaty is very good, I particularly like the look of the bile coming out of the weapon.

As you have asked for suggestions I have a couple, so please forgive me. The piping...I would suggest either leaving it completely metallic with leaks at the joints, or opaque but with identifiable clumps of bile travelling through it or painting it some other monocolour. As I understand your painting right now, the green is supposed to represent perhaps a luminous quality? JMHO

Secondly, I would recommend a little more attention to the head pustule...perhaps glowing eyes and maybe some washing or something like that.

Seriously though, I think it's a great paintjob, but you asked.

General Jigger said...

Thanks Keir, I agree, particularly about the head, I tried a couple of times to get something going with the eyes but it never turned out and I got a little discouraged.

As for the pipes, you are right, the green is usually meant to represent a luminous effect. I'll give some thought to changing the pipes as you suggest.

Thanks for the comments.

Keir said...

About the pipes, the paintjob is actually quite effective from a tabletop vantagepoint. It's just the close up that possibly raises an issue. But it's a tabletop miniature so it's probably no biggie.