Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rookie Match-Up

I finished painting Asphyxious (sp?) a few days ago so I thought I would bring him out for a go tonight in my regular Thursday night game with K. K's been on a bit of a painting binge lately so he decided to try something new too, a Circle list with Kaya, a Warpwolf, and a Gorax; all of which are freshly painted.

It was my first time playing with Gaspy (that's the nickname for Asphyxious for those of you not in the know) and my first time fighting Kaya. K had played only one quick game against Jet (over at Geektactica) with his Trolls and from what I understand it didn't end well.

We decided to play without our usual chess timer since we are both learning new caster/locks, but the game was still over in about an hour and a half.

Overall I think Gaspy is a great caster, he's a little straightforward for a Cryx caster I think but hey, we all need a beat stick at some point don't we?

I ended up winning but it was a great game and K had some bad dice roll against him while I had a little extra luck at the right times.

Warmachine is really coming back for me lately, I had been finding it a little stale but since K has broken out his Skorne and Circle stuff again, and NLGamer (author of the Rules Attorney Blog) has joined our merry little band with his Khador I'm finding lots of new fun stuff to do. Yay us...

I've had some progress painting lately myself, a Harrower and Gaspy since my last set of pics I think. I was talking with K tonight and he's going to come over with his light box so we can take some proper pics so I'll post them eventually so stay tuned.

Yours in Service,
The General

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