Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Beginning

This is the first model from my Warmachine Cryx army that I painted. I hadn't painted anything in a while when I did this so I ended up stripping him the first time. I was trying new paints and new techniques, some of which worked, others... not so much.

I've found that the P3 line of paints from Privateer are much more suited to my style of painting than the Citadel paints I used to use. I've always liked to use very watery paints and the P3s (that I have used) really allow me to dilute them a lot without losing their opacity. It's awesome to be able to put down a base colour in one coat.

I also started experimenting with mixing and layering paint on this model. The highlighting on the carapace is done starting from a base of Cryx Bane Base and moving through several mixes up to pure Cryx Bane Highlight. I like the effect but I have a bunch to learn.

I also used matte medium and a dark glaze for the first time on this mini. It really helps to pull the mini together and give it the darker feel that I was going for.

I was also trying, rather unsuccessfully, to get some light sourcing going with the green glowy parts. I didn't like the effect and I haven`t really tried it again since.

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